Here are the kinds of projects we can help with

Market Analysis

How will economic conditions impact your performance? What strategic changes should you make to leverage them?

Brand Messaging

Does your brand have a distinctive personality and point of view? Do your materials communicate the message of your brand’s promise to customers? How are your brand ambassadors telling your story?

Sales Strategy

Is your approach to revenue generation guided by a strategic plan? Are you set up to maximize performance? What efficiencies and process improvements can yield scaleable improvements for the best results?

Price Positioning

Is your hotel portfolio priced to capture its fair share of demand? Where should you be positioned to outperform the competition?

Staff Evaluation

Does the sales team have the skills and drive to achieve your hotel’s revenue performance goals? What changes can the hotel make to optimize performance?

Deployment Analysis

Do assigned segments/territories match to the hotel’s business cycle? Are the right people doing the right jobs? Is your team the right size?

Goal Setting

Will your hotel achieve financial projections now and into the future? Are goals achievable with an appropriate stretch?

Open Selling Guidelines

Do your sales people have the freedom to respond to customers quickly? Is your hotel easy to do business with? Can you remove obstacles from the sales path?

Target Accounts

Are your salespeople fishing in the right pond? What market share can you shift out of the comp set? Who should the hotel be targeting?

Action Planning

What’s on your roadmap to revenue performance? What specific actions should your sellers be taking to maximize your revenue opportunity?

Sales Task Force

Is your hotel losing momentum due to a leadership transition or temporary leave? Do you need help setting the best, most efficient course for maximizing hotel revenue in a transition environment?