This new luxury hotel had opened to less-than-stellar performance. A beautiful and unique property in its market, the executive team felt that the sales effort could use some retooling. Additionally, some of the basics were missing - booking goals, target accounts, prospecting plans, and a revenue management strategy. We were engaged to assess the existing sales/revenue team and add structure to the sales effort.

GOAL: Evaluate the effectiveness of sales staff and processes to improve hotel's post-opening performance.


  • Staff & Deployment: Developed multiple deployment models; sourced candidates and task force support for open positions; created booking goals.

  • Target Accounts: Identified 720 qualified group and catering target accounts and 145 qualified BT target accounts; built SMART plans by segment; referred GDS and national sales partners.

  • Revenue Strategy: Conducted market analysis; completed rate shops; created pricing model and strategy; analyzed Airbnb impact on demand conditions and provided revenue strategies to counteract.

  • Sales Business Practices: Conducted contract training; created turnover process;

“We got a lot more than we paid for. Thank you."

-- Senior Vice President


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