This small brand was hoping to build its first new hotel in several years and needed a sales and marketing plan to underscore the project's viability for financing. The property was being built on the outskirts of a booming market, and while demand would ultimately grow to reach the location, they needed to figure out where their business would come from until then.

GOAL: Create a sales and marketing plan for a hotel with no existing demand generators to kick off the pre-opening process before the first shovel was in the ground.


  • Secured financing for the hotel.

  • Built full plan including org chart, target accounts, rate strategy, annual revenue projection, and marketing schedule.

  • Hotel is now market leader and #1 on TripAdvisor.

"First, thank you so much – this is absolutely EXCELLENT work. As always, you did an unbelievable job, THANK YOU."

-- Vice President of Sales


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