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Here’s what we’re about

Hotel people are the best people! (Nothing against children or ghosts…)

Sales is not a magic trick. There is no such thing as a sales personality or sales look. Selling is a skill that can be learned and refined, but... you have to #dothework to get results.

Bad business is not a thing. Business can be a bad fit, but the definition of good or bad business for your hotel has to flex with market conditions. No one is exempt from supply and demand; no hotel is immune to its competitive environment.

Creativity is everything. Spending a few extra minutes thinking about how you can say yes instead of no is the difference between good and great sales. (It’s also the difference between good and great hotels.)

Telling the truth is the only way to fix a bad situation, even when the truth hurts (or just plain stinks). Getting to the root of a problem is more important than not rocking the boat.

Every hotel is unique, but all hotels are better when they invest in sales and marketing.